Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Bird Sings His Heart Out

Its lovely to have a Parrot that can sing like the one in this Video he does have a kind of soul searching voice. Clever thing picks up all the sounds like the cough and all that. He is very well loved seeing as where they have got him inside a nice room like that. Again hope you enjoy the video I did and made me smile when its not much of a day to smile about.

Soul Singing Parrot.....

Wolverhampton very cold, Peralta-Navarra-Spain very cold very cold below zero lol. Right who wins on the cold level Wolvo or Peralta? Okay just kiddin. I came across this cute bird seeing as there are a lot of Parrots on the loose this is one funny Parrot a real cutie. Just wanted to bring a smile to you on a very cold grey day over here and over there. You can copy and paste this into youtube hope you enjoy it and it makes you smile a bit. Hugs come on kid forget the cold a bit if you can. I am freezin sittin here typin this time to get movin. Image is mine all mine. (Bird Sings His Heart Out) If however for some reason you cannot pick up the video of the Parrot you can see the post I made above as I was watching more than one of them.