Friday, 28 November 2014

Haunting Silver Dragon...

She worked in a Hotel that had a huge Dining Room. It had wooden Panels all along the walls of the Dining Room itself. They were there from a long time ago. She could shake off a feeling one morning at about seven o`clock that she was being watched. Shivering without knowing why she went about cleaning up different parts of the Dining Room and when she got to the main door of the said Room before she could even turn round a chilly icy feeling covered the whole of her back. She felt no fear and it was of a young girl who had met an untimely death from long ago. The young girl gently touched her back and said she meant no harm. Visibly shaken, she shook her head and said to herself stop dreaming gal, stop dreaming. She fell against a part of the wooden panelling and a compartment opened. Shocked she looked inside and in there amongst all the many years of cobwebs and dust was a beautiful silver dragon statue. The girls spirit let her know that it was hers to have forever for being kind to her and knowing that she was having a lot of money troubles. She thanked the young girl and was able to leave her job and was able to live off the money she got from selling the item. She also never forgot the young girl and tried to find out who she was but never could. The mystery remains to this very day. +silver-dragon +beautiful-silver +ghostly-presence All the characters in this short story are entirely fictional and have no relation to living persons.

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