Monday, 10 June 2013

Humble Spanish Sparrow....

Just managed to rescue a very young baby Sparrow from being savaged by a Dog next door. It had got its claws stuck in the wire netting and our Dog was gently nudging it and looking our way to see what we were going to do. So we went out and pushed the wire netting a couple of times and he escaped flying off for all he was worth. A bit shaken but he would obviously have learned a valuable lesson if he wants to survive. Time before that I was really unlucky as the other baby bird was on the other side of the fence and it got worried to death by the other dog. The unearthly screams I have never forgotten so this time when I went out to see I was able to react quickly and rapidly. Being very thankful that I have managed to save his life so he lives for another time whatever.

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