Tuesday, 11 December 2012

You Need Blue Flowers.

Blue flowers on a greetings card can say I love you even without writing anything. Flowers say everything that we cannot say sometimes. Not all of us can afford to buy fresh flowers if that is the case you send them a postcard a simple postcard with a flower image on it or a motivational greetings card with your own words inside or without. You can just easily put from us and thinking of you too. Don´t be afraid to make your own cards like this and if not you might find one that will suit you already made. Dogs and Cats can be a good way of saying things you find you cannot put into words too. You can see a couple of examples here. Enjoy and have a great week all.


  1. Flowers always look nice on Zazzle products.

    1. I was lucky to find those blue flowers and put them on to a postcard and also a make up bag fitted just right.
      Like your stores too will look later on.