Tuesday, 11 December 2012

You Need Blue Flowers.

Blue flowers on a greetings card can say I love you even without writing anything. Flowers say everything that we cannot say sometimes. Not all of us can afford to buy fresh flowers if that is the case you send them a postcard a simple postcard with a flower image on it or a motivational greetings card with your own words inside or without. You can just easily put from us and thinking of you too. Don´t be afraid to make your own cards like this and if not you might find one that will suit you already made. Dogs and Cats can be a good way of saying things you find you cannot put into words too. You can see a couple of examples here. Enjoy and have a great week all.

Power Of Sunflower Images.

Sunflowers when they are growing they look towards the power of the Sun every day while they are growing tall and strong. Sunflowers inspire warmth and sunshine. Carry one of these Sunflower images around with you wherever you go to help you stay centered on feeling positive. Even it is only about ten minutes at a time. Make it a habit to think about something so wonderful like the Sunflower and the joy and power it can give to you.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

How To Put Your Favourite Pet Image On Any Mug.

Of all days today has perhaps been one of the coldest so far. Was wrapped up with a couple of blankets watching the Sun fade fast and the dark clouds building mountains across the Sky rain came down a lot now. To keep warm was thinking of a nice cup of hot chocolate or a cup of tea with mint chocolate taste. That is much healthier for you too. So I tried one of those while I drank out of this two coloured mug ocean blue on the inside and plain white on the outside and the image that I had put on myself. This my own image by the way and decoration. Enjoy your hot chocolate.