Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Liverpudlian Lass.

ferried across the Mersey River and what did you think I found I found meself a Liverpudlian lass who is just a one day owld. Face that looks so lovely and full of love and light What a lovely Liverpudlian lass she is There I have said it bold and

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Seeing Seeing Seeing.....

Lots of fish in the sea. Always, always always plenty of fish in the sea for him to fish most days.

His boat a very small kind of fishing boat that can only be used by one fisherman alone and they are specially made to withstand the rough high seas where he fished and fishes.

Fishing boat that has seen a lot of history. Was handmade and painted by hand no industrial stuff there at all.

He was making a bit of money with his fishing without anyone else joining in with him.

Dangerous fishing because he used to fish special fish with a hand rod as well not only using the nets.

Fishing has been his life he cannot think of any other way to be except that a fisherman.
His boat is his first love, his one friend that sees him and saw him through everything.

Of course fishing boat with such rough seas and so much use started to wear out. Pieces for the boat and repairs because they all had to be done by hand had become very expensive all of a sudden and he had not been able to save at all.

He had been realizing this for a long time and he kept it all to himself his heart was sad sunken into the depths of despair yet he still was able to keep going even in the desperate conditions he and his family were in.

Most of the fish was for him and his family to be able to eat being that the most important of all things.

After long hours and see and it was getting dark now the Sun was almost set he hauled in a few extra pounds of Sardines that day.
His heart was gladdened for a while. He was on his way home with them.
There was a slight skip in his usually dragging feet he felt lighter.

He was not a man that prayed out loud or cried to God to help him. When he did it came from the depths of his heart.

Today there was no sadness etched on his face for the moment.

On the way to his home he came across a man by a dirt track sitting outside a broken down Caravan that had seen better years too.
Not an elderly man really say about 70 or so was huddled up to a very small fire.

They set up a conversation and it was obvious by the look of this man that he was very hungry.

Fisherman gave him almost all of his catch of sardines and two loaves of bread that he had not even touched because his sadness had been such he had forgotten to eat any of it.

Elderly man thanked him and looked deep into his eyes. Elderly man nodded when the fisherman talked about his boat, the repairs and the desperation he felt. He said he felt there was no God at all in his life.

Eventually the fisherman went home and getting into bed with a very high fever as he had caught a chill something not usual in him he was in bed for almost a good part of the week.

Fully recovered and knowing that there had been very bad storms he rushed to see what might have happened to his boat.

Getting to the boat he could not believe his eyes it was all like brand new, new hand paint and every single one of the repairs had been done.

The tears flowed down his face he could not stop them the sadness from his face was gone and all he could feel was thankful to God, to someone he did not know who.

He was able to fish again and his wife and family would be able to get much needed things.

Inside the boat were the crumbs of somone having eaten bread and the little bit of a sardine too but it was all in a neat pile.
He had been given to eat and drink by the one who he had enough goodness to feed and take pity on.

Will leave that to your own conclusions this is a true story I cannot say where it came from as its very personal. I come from a Sea Merchant family the sea is in my blood and it always will be.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Bird Sings His Heart Out

Its lovely to have a Parrot that can sing like the one in this Video he does have a kind of soul searching voice. Clever thing picks up all the sounds like the cough and all that. He is very well loved seeing as where they have got him inside a nice room like that. Again hope you enjoy the video I did and made me smile when its not much of a day to smile about.

Soul Singing Parrot.....

Wolverhampton very cold, Peralta-Navarra-Spain very cold very cold below zero lol. Right who wins on the cold level Wolvo or Peralta? Okay just kiddin. I came across this cute bird seeing as there are a lot of Parrots on the loose this is one funny Parrot a real cutie. Just wanted to bring a smile to you on a very cold grey day over here and over there. You can copy and paste this into youtube hope you enjoy it and it makes you smile a bit. Hugs come on kid forget the cold a bit if you can. I am freezin sittin here typin this time to get movin. Image is mine all mine. (Bird Sings His Heart Out) If however for some reason you cannot pick up the video of the Parrot you can see the post I made above as I was watching more than one of them.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Haunting Silver Dragon...

She worked in a Hotel that had a huge Dining Room. It had wooden Panels all along the walls of the Dining Room itself. They were there from a long time ago. She could shake off a feeling one morning at about seven o`clock that she was being watched. Shivering without knowing why she went about cleaning up different parts of the Dining Room and when she got to the main door of the said Room before she could even turn round a chilly icy feeling covered the whole of her back. She felt no fear and it was of a young girl who had met an untimely death from long ago. The young girl gently touched her back and said she meant no harm. Visibly shaken, she shook her head and said to herself stop dreaming gal, stop dreaming. She fell against a part of the wooden panelling and a compartment opened. Shocked she looked inside and in there amongst all the many years of cobwebs and dust was a beautiful silver dragon statue. The girls spirit let her know that it was hers to have forever for being kind to her and knowing that she was having a lot of money troubles. She thanked the young girl and was able to leave her job and was able to live off the money she got from selling the item. She also never forgot the young girl and tried to find out who she was but never could. The mystery remains to this very day. +silver-dragon +beautiful-silver +ghostly-presence All the characters in this short story are entirely fictional and have no relation to living persons.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Fathers Day In Spain....

A lot of Provinces in Spain have not had the usual holiday that they usually have on Father´s Day in Spain. In general I would say that is has been a good Father´s Day the weather has kept up quite good not too bad considering. Although they have not had a holiday in some places its because they will all have extra holidays somewhere else along the line and we will not get them. It varies from one place to another. For some this will have been a stressful day as its not always a happy day for some of course. Reasons for that are obvious and known only to those suffering any kind of emotional stress. Hope your rest of the day is a good one

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Avenging Diana Rigg And Patrick Macnee....

Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee in their best Series together ever. My own logo designed by me. Diana Rigg was born in Doncaster and for a time I lived and worked there in a Haunted Hotel. Not joking but really this is a tribute to both Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee and the City of Doncaster.